Scientific studies mostly predict that deep breaths can be good for your heart and immune system. After doing the simple breathing exercise in the Youtube video below, there’s a very good chance you will notice your body is not as tense. If the tension returns: repeat. …

Who said being happy was easy?

Happiness is missing in most of our lives, because of the demands of work, the overwhelming challenges of the COVID pandemic, staying on top of raising children, and making ends meet financially. In recent times there has been a lot of focus on well-being…

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‘T’ is for all the trouble that you will go through to survive Thanksgiving with at least one person at the table you can’t stand but you must smile and hope you figure out a way to survive the two hours for all the others at the table that you love.

‘H’ is for the happiness you will bring to one or more of those present at this probably deeply flawed event because you came and smiled to honor them.

‘A’ is the attitude of thankfulness that is the only thing to focus on, so as not to focus on the shit in your life that is hard to be thankful for…

‘N’ is for not saying what you are really thinking to keep the knives on the table.

‘K’ is kernel of truth that sometimes comes from our most obnoxious family member.

‘S’ is for the salad you don’t want to eat but Aunt Betty would be crushed.

‘G’ is for the gift you promised yourself if you survive the weekend without telling anyone to Ef off!

‘I’ is for all the insecurities that you think you have overcome until the moment you find yourself sleeping on your childhood bed with that one bad spring.

‘V’ is for vanquishing all you fears by victoriously biting you tongue whenever anyone mentions the fact that you have put on a few pounds.

‘I’ The final I is when that insensitive boob, who is your distant relative, tries to tell you how much money she makes to make you feel even worse about your job.

‘N’ is not forgetting to offer to help with the dishes even though you primarily eat carry out just so you don’t have to do anymore dishes.

‘G’ the second G is for the Grace you offer with your head bowed and a heart filled with joy that no one else can talk while you are praying the longest Thanksgiving prayer in history that all may be silent and maybe just maybe everyone will be grateful at the same moment in time just because you finally say AMEN.

Richard Jude

I have been a part time filmmaker, writer and care giver…I’m not sure which I have learned the most from, but I learn the most from kind people

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