The 3 Biggest Times Of The Year For Engagement Proposals —

Richard Jude
2 min readJan 16, 2022

Look there is no best time other than when it works for you and your partner, but there are popular times of year to get engaged. You can do a quick google search and find that lists vary year to year.

But three dates that seem to always make it to the list are:

  1. Christmas Day and Christmas Eve (kind of a coin toss dependent when your family is least involved in the moment)
  2. Valentine’s Day is always big, and with good reason, because it always is putting pressure on everyone! But again don’t let the artificial greeting card date dictate your life…but it almost always is a winner…
  3. And for fans of a warmer day to take a knee there is the 4th of July as a third popular option.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Too Long or You’ll Miss That Magical Moment

Some things that might help to lead to a yes for your marriage proposal

  1. Your grandchildren might be telling this story one day 30 years from now, so put some planning into it. Choose the most romantic place you can think of that will mean a lot to your partner.
  2. Get a fun sign made that you pull out from the bushes…use your phone to play your and your partner's favorite song. And tell your partner how much you want to be with them for the rest of your life…Give yourself something to remember from that proposal!
  3. Wear something special, perhaps new or something you know the other person will appreciate that you did for them…
  4. Don’t tell anyone you’re about to do this…you want it to be a surprise
Richard Jude

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